MEN AND WOMEN (Power by Precision Nutrition)

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The way you eat and how your body metabolizes food is totally unique. You’re relationship with food is made of personal experiences, cultural factors, genetic differences, age, day-to-day environment, activity level, and many more elements that require a specific approach that works for you.I address all of these things and more through initial evaluations and continuous check-ins to make sure your program is right for YOU.

Quality Research

My nutrition coaching program is powered by Precision Nutrition, the world’s top nutrition coaching and research organization. They’ve spent nearly two decades studying and publishing nutrition research that has been used by hundreds of thousands of clients. Moreover, I’m highly PN Certified, which means you have access to deep understanding of advanced nutrition coaching.


Ordinary nutrition programs tell you what to eat… but my nutrition coaching experience will go beyond that. I will also teach you how to eat well and why eating some foods are better than others. You will lay the foundation for modifying habits and gain a world-class education in the process.


Throughout your journey, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. One thing you probably already know though, is that you’re more likely to stick with something when you’re held accountable. That’s why I’m here for you. I will be there to give you a nudge when you need it and let you stand on your own when you’re ready.

Lasting Results

My over-arching mission is not just to help you shed a few pounds. I want you to look, feel, and perform better than you ever have and make it a part of who you are. I also believe that what you learn through the process permeates through all aspects of life. The lessons you learn will have an impact on everything you do and you will ultimately rewrite your health story.

How it Works

The curriculum is approximately a year-long program, divided into 2-week habit blocks.

EVERY DAY: You’ll log in to a personal home page (called a “Today” page, because it tells you what to do today). You get a lesson to read and you get a habit — a small task to do.

EVERY WEEK: You’ll measure and record your progress. This can be body measurements or other indicators that you want to track (such as energy levels or adherence to an exercise routine).

EVERY 2 WEEKS: You get a new habit to try and practice

EVERY MONTH: You’ll upload a photo as part of your progress tracking.

The Benefits of Joining this Coaching Program

  • Learn real-life, practical nutrition
  • Stop counting calories & weighing servings
  • Shop smartly for the healthiest foods
  • Understand nutritional facts labels
  • Learn the marketing ploys of ‘health-washed’ products
  • Naturally strengthen your immune system
  • Learn the facts about vitamins, supplements & ‘detox’s
  • Make your kitchen a healthy & inspiring place
  • Cook fast & healthy meals that satisfy you
  • Maintain your energy levels throughout the day
  • Establish healthy family eating habits
  • Enjoy guiltless eating while enjoying your favorite foods
  • Improve your digestion & reduce your odds to developing gastrointestinal disorders

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Q: How much does this program cost?


3 Months 6 Months 12 Months

billed monthly at $50/mo.


billed monthly at $50/mo.


billed monthly at $50/mo

 I ask for a commitment of at least 3 months to see significant results  Only pay $250 when you pay for 6 months of coaching upfront  Only pay $500 when you pay for 12 months of coaching upfront


Q: Is this a meal plan?

A: No, meal plans don’t work!

Q: So what’s wrong with meal plans?

A: In my days, I learned something the hard way: Meal plans and diets aren’t useful or sustainable for the vast majority of clients.

Clients often feel like they’re either “on” them or “off” them. The black-and-white nature of a meal plan suggests that people have to eat perfectly at each meal (to match what’s listed in the plan) — or they’ve failed. It’s psychologically unpalatable and unsustainable.

Even more, meal plans are too inflexible. They don’t work with the reality of people’s busy lives. Work meetings, children’s programs, meals out, dogs that need walking, cars that break down, family members that get ill, etc. Meal plans take none of these into account.

Finally, meal plans assume people already have the skills to follow them. But that’s simply not true. Most people who aren’t eating healthy today don’t have the basics down.

Without skills like:

eating slowly and mindfully,
tuning into hunger and appetite cues,
planning grocery shopping,
choosing the right items from the store,
storing and preparing food correctly,
avoiding problem foods, and
choosing better options at restaurants…
…following a meal plan becomes hopeless.

You might as well ask someone who’s only strong enough to bench press 135 pounds to do 405 pounds. No matter how badly they want to, they don’t have the skills or capacity.

But these aren’t just intellectual objections. In my experience, only 1 in 10 people can actually follow a meal plan for more than a few weeks.

In the end, meal plans have such limited utility that we left them behind, for most of our clients, along time ago.

Q: If you don’t offer meal plans, what do you offer? What will you learn?

A: This program uses habit-based (or practice-based) coaching, a method rooted in change psychology and built on the latest science of what actually helps people develop new skills and make change in their lives.

So rather than telling people what to eat for breakfast and when to eat it, I help them build the skills (and daily habits) required to eat well, every day, no matter what life throws at them.

I also help them discover what’s right for them, in the context of their own unique lives. That’s why my program’s results are so sustainable.

So, instead of giving people a menu that looks like this:

Meal 1 (6:30am): 3 eggs, ½ cup oatmeal, 1 banana
Meal 2 (9:30am): protein shake
Meal 3 (12:30pm): turkey breast sandwich and small salad…
I give them a series of 2-week habits — which are both solid and flexible — to help them build the skills necessary to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices today (and for life).

To support these habits, I also offer relevant lessons and assignments with Socratic-type thought exercises that help them (and you) explore their unique schedule, priorities, belief systems, food preferences, food tolerances, and more.

This helps them build, what I call, an “Owner’s Manual”.

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